No offense intended, but some probably taken

September 9, 2006

Hello!  Just moved my blogging activity over here from my old site, and to comply with the FDA’s truth in packaging regulations I am obligated to tell you that:

  • I work for a large software company, as a very small cog
  • I am often called sarcastic, aggressive, annoying — and worse — even by friends
  • Opinions expressed are mine alone, but shared by all thinking people worldwide
  • I’ve been involved in learning, content development and business management for a long time — and if you’re under 25 I’ll probably remind you of your dad
  • I’m usually right, and my projects always amaze customers and exceed expectations

Stay tuned.


One Response to “No offense intended, but some probably taken”

  1. Esther Says:


    Love this site! Bravo!

    I am coming to the code camp tomorrow in Redmond but – darn it – will miss your session – TOO early in the morning .

    Keep slogging, dude.

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