The 47 Best Freeware Utilities

September 11, 2006

Free is a powerful selling point.  Here’s a list of the 47 best freeware utilities in the world.  It includes:

1   Best Free Web Browser
 Best Free Anti-Virus Software
3   Best Free Adware/Spyware/Scumware Remover
4   Best Free Browser Protection Utility
5   Best Free Firewall
6   Best Free Trojan Scanner/Trojan Remover
7   Best Free Rootkit Scanner/Remover
8   Best Free Intrusion Detection Utility  
9   Best Free Anonymous Surfing Service
10 Best Free Software Suite
11 Best Free File Manager
12 Best Free Email Client
13 Best Free Web Mail Accessory
14 Best Free Clipboard Replacement Utility 
15 Best Free HTML Editor
16 Best Free Spam Filter for the Average User
17 Best Free Spam Filter for Experienced Users
18 Best Free Popup Stopper
19 Best Free Desktop Search Utility
20 Best Free Digital Image Viewer 
21 Best Free Digital Image Editor
22 Best Free Digital Photo Organizer
23 Best Free Notepad Replacement
24 Best File Archiver/Zip Utility
25 Best Free Hotkey Utility 
26 Best Free Registry Cleaner
27 Best Free BitTorrent Client 
28 Best Free FTP Client
29 Best Free Bookmark Cleaner
30 Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility
31 Best Free Screen Capture Utility 
32 Best Free Search Toolbar
33 Best Free Download Manager
34 Best Free Web Site Ripper
35 Best Free Download/Upload Meter
36 Best Free TCP Settings Tweaker
37 Best Free File Cleaner
38 Best Free Resource Meter
39 Best Free Sticky Notes Utility
40 Best Free Secure Erase Utility
41 Best Free Registry Editor
42 Best Free Process Viewer
43 Best Free System Information Utility
44 Best Free Search and Replace Utility 
45 Best Free Outliner
46 Best Free Rename Utility

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