The Adsense Game: Business Learning Using Games

October 21, 2006

Game-based learning has been the holy grail for trainers ever since they sang their “abc’s” in first grade.  The idea is that if you can get people interested in actually playing the game, the repitition and interaction will create a higher level of involvement — and, in turn, increase the learning.

I just saw a site called The Adsense Game that takes you through the process of creating and configuring an imaginary web site to learn how to use Google’s Adsense tool.  You pick the type of site, add elements, and watch the hits happen and your bank account get fat.

Built by Joel Comm to promte (of course) his book, it’s a really slick and engaging example of adult learning.  The simulation is attractive, tips pop up to help you, and the clean design makes it pretty easy to understand what you’re doing.

Google really needs to write this guy a check.


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