96 Million “Best Practices” Can’t Be Wrong

October 25, 2006

I was in an office building yesterday, and saw a big poster for a new initiative that was to provide “best practice” information. 

The funny part was that this was to be provided by “your senior leaders” and the actual worker bees didn’t seem to be involved at all.  Now if you google “best practices” you get more than 96 million hits, so it’s safe to say that nobody even understands what this is, any more.  But I’d like to offer my definition.

1.  Best practices come from the people actually doing the work.

2.  Best practices are not “best” in all situations — context is all.

3.  Best practices are a moving target.

4.  Best practices are only the best you’ve found so far.

5.  Anyone using the phrase “best practices” should be feared.

And in passing, you should know that “blog” currently has 2.5 BILLION hits on Google.  The rest is left as an exercise for the student.


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