Northern Voice Blogging Unconference

February 23, 2007

Today I’m at the Northern Voice Blogger’s conference in Vancouver, B.C.  It must be worth it — I just saw Robert Scoble in the hallway.  As a former Microsoftie, I shook his hand and shared that I had recently left the Borg as well.

 He had no idea who I was.  He’s only met three thousand people since I last saw him, so I don’t know why.

Today is the “unconference” where topics are voted on in the morning, and we all run around during the sessions.  Tomorrow is a little more organized.

 I just met Luke from, who builds and manages enterprise wikis.  He sounds like someone I’ll be able to do some business with.  We agreed that while Sharepoint 2007 does have wiki capability, it was disappointing.  No big surprise.

 Off to a session on community.



One Response to “Northern Voice Blogging Unconference”

  1. Arjun Singh Says:

    Hello – I am also at Northern Voice. Have not seen Robert Scoble yet. Glad he is here. Thought he might not make it this year.

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