Building Rich Communities With Wiki At Northern Voice

February 24, 2007

Building Rich Communities with Wikis
Stewart Mader Using Wiki in Education

  • Ten case studies — what tool are they using, how has it changed their classes
  • Publishers weren’t excited about the book existing online as a wiki — but that wouldn’t allow interaction and sharing
  • Some chapters are open, and some are closed
  • It’s not proprietary, and there’s a loss of control for the publisher
  • We need to have a community around it for it to work
  • Atlassian Software Systems (software for the project)
  • You don’t have to put something down in print to show that you’ve “published”
  • Publishing online will become wildly richer with the application of community
  • You no longer just see the finished product, but the process that you went through to get there
  • Wikipedia — You Either Get It Or You Don’t
  • Peer review during writing, allows input from other authors
  • Readers can give feedback either in comments or in changes
  • People who might feel uneasy in a physical situation are more willing to speak online
  • There’s a radical rethinking on how you build a website, by using a wiki — must be very simple
  • Book chapters belong to authors under Creative Commons

John Willinsky Teaching English Language Arts

  • Raising a generation of “rip, burn, download” with no concept of Intellectual Property
  • We need to have educators think about it as “go public”
  • Water is Taught By Thirst (EmilyDickenson)
  • Using Adbusters in the schools
  • They bring materials into the classroom (through the Wiki) that would otherwise never apply — a sharing of IP
  • Wiki becomes a cumlative index — class ended in December, but the students are continuing to work and add value
  • Students continue discussion with external blogs
  • Using software we’ve designed for peer review in the intellectual community for “hot-not fashion
  • “I didn’t come here to learn wikis, I came here to learn to be an English teacher” (student)


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