Legal Rights and Liabilities for Bloggers At Northern Voice

February 24, 2007

Legal Rights and Liabilities for Bloggers
Kevin O’Keefe

  • It’s not the damages, it’s the cost of defense — insurance will cover that
  • It’s not likely to get sued, and a simple retraction will usually solve the issue
  • Posts can be seen worldwide, and can have a wide effect
  • Be concerned about liabilities in other countries
  • If someone defames a third party in comments on your blog, you (as the blogger) are not liable
  • Lawyers get paid to be creative — try to find particular legislation or cases that may support them
  • Legislation protects personal info from improper disclosure
  • Trade secrets — value is secrecy. No value if disclosed
  • Blogging while working — loss of productivity? Or personal and professional growth
  • You have freedom of speech, but you don’t have freedom to be employed — employers can fire you at will
  • A blog is closer to a Rotary meeting than a web site — help your employer understanding what blogs are
  • Newspaper publishes letter in print, they can be responsible. If it was comment online attached to an article, no liability
  • Save a draft, and consider an angry price
  • Consider insurance
  • Consider resources like EFF
  • Resources on

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