Social Software for Learning Environments At Northern Voice

February 24, 2007

Social Software for Learning Environments

D’Arcy Norman

  • Creation of groups and blogs for learning
  • Not a top-down learning environment, created by students
  • Self aggregating community

Chris Lott

Chris works as resident “disruptive technologist” at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Center for Distance Education, with a special emphasis on using social software for online learning, specifically to create a rational constructivist learning environment and functional classroom community of learners embedded in the real world community of practice.

  • The third space — being an active learner for life
  • Students will retain the records and archive for
  • We need to disrupt the academy
  • Computers are stupid, students are smart
  • If the instution sponsors it, it’s a long time committment
  • Information fluency is the next step from literacy

Jon Beasley-Murray Posthegemony

  • Good to maintain tension between Higher Ed and Blogs
  • Students can maintain blogs and disagree
  • Critical thinking against the university as much as for it
  • Risks of blogs from a tenure perspective “my university would never hire a blogger” attitude
  • One of the great promises of blogging is that universities will be faced with student disagreement

Sylvia Currie

  • SCoPE Induviduals who share an interst in education, research and practice
  • Blogging to enhance the learning experience
  • How do you design the experience for education and collaboration?
  • Grade 1 and 2 blog from teacher in MooseJaw


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